Fitting Models

We have fitting models of all sizes, shapes and ages. From children’s sizes up to women and male fitting models up to size 4 XL and up. We can also support you very well with the development of your clothing brand.

All sizes | Always a perfect match | Experienced

Size does matter

We see our fitting models as an added value to the brand and our clients frequently indicate that our models bring their creations to life! We understand that each brand has its specific sizes for fitting models. With a large database of female and male models, we are always able to find the right fitting model for you. Not only will we take the looks and sizes into account, but also the personality of the model who is best suited for your company. Our fitting models play an important role together with the brands designers, buyers and pattern makers. By giving feedback on the fit, movement and feel of the garment, the company is able to ensure the right fit and feel for all sizes.


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